I bought a teapot....... Just a teapot....... An old one, and kind of unusual. I had to find out about the maker's mark, and thus began a wonderful journey! 15 years later, and I now have over 250 ALB teapots. Not to mention a couple of coffee pots, a tankard, milk jugs, sugar bowls, and a plate. Little by little, more people are being enticed by these lovely teapots, and starting collections of their own. This blog was set up so that all ALB lovers could have a place to meet, share photos, ask questions, and in general get to know each other and share their appreciation for these lovely teapots. If you leave a question, please be kind enough to leave an email address, so someone may send you an answer!

So come on in, sit down, have a "cuppa", and enjoy.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guide Reviews

Well, I've sold a few of the Collector's Guides, and everyone seems to be enjoying it. I've gotten some very nice comments, and I couldn't be more pleased. It really was a "labor of love".

Chris C. of Nundle, Australia said: I received it today and had a very good read and laugh at times too. Was great to see some of your aquisitions and to read about some of the complex history of the potteries.

R. Steuber said: You did an absolutely magnificent job on this guide. The photos, history and commentary are very professional. There certainly is more variety in the pottery than I thought, and the patent information is very helpful and interesting. The inclusion of the insured price ranges was a bold (and much needed) effort. It lends perspective on which pieces are more difficult to find.

Anyone who would like to contribute, feel free. I am always willing to update the guide with photos or stories about the pottery and/or the teapots. Speaking of which, I've acquired another HUGE teapot. I think that makes five or six now, of the 70 ounce size. Funny how certain ones never show up, then a number of them show up at the same time. Hmmmm.........

New Find

I'm so excited! I got a great piece of pottery from the Vulcan Works from Ebay. Only Vulcan Works item I've ever seen. It's a cute pot with a lid, and bright red. Don't know if it's meant to be a biscuit jar, or to hold sugar, flour, or something else. Needless to say, I'm going to use it as a biscuit barrel. I'll post a photo when it gets here, and maybe someone will have an idea of it's original use.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally Made it Back

I've been trying to get the blog back up and running for a while now. Don't know what happened! Kept getting an error message, and could not find any info on how to fix it. Hope this works. If it does, I will update this blog in the next few days.