I bought a teapot....... Just a teapot....... An old one, and kind of unusual. I had to find out about the maker's mark, and thus began a wonderful journey! 15 years later, and I now have over 250 ALB teapots. Not to mention a couple of coffee pots, a tankard, milk jugs, sugar bowls, and a plate. Little by little, more people are being enticed by these lovely teapots, and starting collections of their own. This blog was set up so that all ALB lovers could have a place to meet, share photos, ask questions, and in general get to know each other and share their appreciation for these lovely teapots. If you leave a question, please be kind enough to leave an email address, so someone may send you an answer!

So come on in, sit down, have a "cuppa", and enjoy.


New Finds

These teapots are owned by other collectors. Always happy to get pictures of teapots I don't have or haven't seen before.

 This is the most unusual ALB I've seen

This is the mark on the bottom of the "Art Deco" above.


Anonymous said...

I have come across a brown shaving mug (?) which features a hunt scene. Om the bottom the makers mark is a large A with an L in the space at the top and a B in the lower space, and underneath it says 'made in England'. It looks very similar to the mug showing the horses and carriage in front of the country home. Are these collectible?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I was wondering if you would know if The ALB Ramekins pictured in the collectors handbook may be worth anything. I have just acquired 4 in perfect condition.
Kind Regards,

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