I bought a teapot....... Just a teapot....... An old one, and kind of unusual. I had to find out about the maker's mark, and thus began a wonderful journey! 15 years later, and I now have over 250 ALB teapots. Not to mention a couple of coffee pots, a tankard, milk jugs, sugar bowls, and a plate. Little by little, more people are being enticed by these lovely teapots, and starting collections of their own. This blog was set up so that all ALB lovers could have a place to meet, share photos, ask questions, and in general get to know each other and share their appreciation for these lovely teapots. If you leave a question, please be kind enough to leave an email address, so someone may send you an answer!

So come on in, sit down, have a "cuppa", and enjoy.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Handle and Spout

Just got a very nice email from Linda at the Handle and Spout blog. She has a lovely site, with a nice pic of some of her teapots. Seems she has decided it's time to add to her collection. BRAVO! Won't be too long before I have to start a "Teapots Anonymous" clinic. But, hey, and least we can have tea and scones while we work through our overwhelming need for teapots. So now that Linda is back, stop by her blog at: Handle and Spout and say hello. When you get there, just type "Alcock" in the search box.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


OK........so I'm thinking it'a about time to update the ole web site. Lots of teapots that need photos, got some new info, should be fun. AHHHHH!!!! WHY didn't I keep these things separated into "done" and "not done"?????? Dumb, dumb, dumb.............

Finally got through the BIG box, and all the little boxes. Now, I just have one more cache of teapots to sort. Good thing I'm not on a deadline! Ok, sort of on a deadline.......I have to be done by AUGUST! Hmmmm..I could put one of these jewels to work, brew up a fresh pot, and make an all-nighter out of it. Sure would be nice to be caught up. Well, break's over, back to work. Check out the site: Alcock Lindley and Bloore, and tell me what you think.


Thursday, April 24, 2008


Funny how one decision you make can have a huge affect on your life. I was just wandering through a flea market one day, and came across a very pretty, and rather large, English teapot. As I am very particular about "me tay", and only drink tea from Ireland or England (imported only), I just HAD to have this teapot. Not recognizing the maker's mark on the bottom, I went on world-wide search (on the web, of course) to see what I could find. Not much, as it turns out. I did find out the company's name, Alcock, Lindley and Bloore, and that the teapot was made in Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire. In the meantime, while cruising Ebay, I happened on another ALB teapot. Oh JOY, RAPTURE! Another one................yeah, right. "Another one" has now grown to about 150, and still they come.................

SO, I am now officially obsessed. My goal is to have at least one of EVERY design and/or style of teapot made by this company. Heaven only knows how many that will be! I haven't counted all the different patterns/designs/styles that I have. Where, oh where, to begin??? To aid in this process, I have posted this "Collector's Club" blogspot, and published a web site dedicated to my collection:
Alcock, Lindley and Bloore Teapots.

I am hoping to hear from other people out there who share my love for these teapots, and hope to get some photos of teapots I don't have (yet), and maybe learn more about the company. For anyone interested, I am putting together a sort of "coffee table" Buyer's Guide on these teapots. If you would like a copy, please email me, as I am still working out costs and pricing, so I can give you more details. albteapots@aol.com