I bought a teapot....... Just a teapot....... An old one, and kind of unusual. I had to find out about the maker's mark, and thus began a wonderful journey! 15 years later, and I now have over 250 ALB teapots. Not to mention a couple of coffee pots, a tankard, milk jugs, sugar bowls, and a plate. Little by little, more people are being enticed by these lovely teapots, and starting collections of their own. This blog was set up so that all ALB lovers could have a place to meet, share photos, ask questions, and in general get to know each other and share their appreciation for these lovely teapots. If you leave a question, please be kind enough to leave an email address, so someone may send you an answer!

So come on in, sit down, have a "cuppa", and enjoy.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vulcan Pottery

The Vulcan Pottery jar arrived. It's a beautiful deep red, darker than the photo. The inside is also red. The glaze stops just around the rim on the bottom. Perfect condition, which is amazing for an item this old. It's dated around 1910-1920. Great piece, and a wonderful addition to the collection. Does anyone out there have any Vulcan Works pottery to share? I'd love to see more.

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